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The Basics of LTL Logistics: A Case


Study of Amazon

To most people, transporting shipments can be quite difficult and confusing too. In reality, these people are clueless and do not know the basics of shipping ltl logistics freight. The most important factors to consider before shipping freight are;

Type of shipment
The size of the shipment
Price of shipping
And of course, the shipment method.

Understanding LTL logistics and shipment method, gives you an insight on freight shipment. In addition,
you have an edge over others, and you can finally understand the jargons LTL carriers, and, service
providers use.
In recent times, Amazon has decided to broaden their LTL assets. Meaning, if you are seller, or you plan
to be one, it is germane that you know the basics of LTL.


LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipping is a method of freight shipment, which allows you to pay for the
space you need in the truck. The shipment does not fill up the entire truck, hence the name. With LTL
shipment, the truck can be filled with freight from more than one person. This makes it a very cost
effective shipping option.
In simpler terms, LTL shipping is the transportation of small freight. It is good to know that there are
other methods you can employ to ship your freight. These alternative methods are;

 Parcel Carriers
 FTL (Full Truckload) Carriers


The reason everyone is all for LTL is not too farfetched after all. Using a LTL carrier allows your
shipment to be transported for half the cost when you hire an entire truck, FTL. In addition, you get to
enjoy some value added services, which are not presented by most FTL carriers.


Amazon is one of the biggest shipping markets and order deliverers in the world. Making a delivery to
Amazon requires additional measures, both from you, and, your carrier. With Amazon expanding their
network of LTL assets, it is important to learn these requirements, and how to fulfill them.


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