Learn More About the 26 Foot Box trucks

What is Asset Spotlight?

Asset spotlight is the management of vehicles to monitor their movement from start to their intended destination to ensure the safe delivery of goods to clients.

Features of Box Trucks
Third-Party logistics plays a significant role in the transportation of these goods. They are guaranteed to offer dedication and efficiency to all shareholders in this industry.

The box truck is utilized for these purposes. Its dimension is 26 feet in length and 96 inches in width. The height is between 12.5 and 13.5 feet.

This vehicle can carry a load of up to 14,000 pounds in weight. It has a maximum volume of about 1,700 cubic feet and can only take twelve pellets per transportation.

They are fitted with either of the following to ensure the safety and protection of transported goods.
• Liftgates
• Vented trailers
• Refrigeration

There are excellent load board services available for box trucks.

They provide a low barrier when engaging the market for shipping purposes. These are pocket-friendly, and the services are available on demand.

However, there are several downsides to this business.

The competition is tight and bears a low-profit margin as well. The market for these vehicles is too congested.

Importance of Asset Management
Box trucks fitted with tracking devices that allow you to monitor the movement and positioning of your cargo from the packaging point up to its final destination.

They offer security for your goods and are trusted to always deliver them in due time as well as in good conditions. The companies which own these box trucks ensure that their drivers are well trained to pursue their tasks.

They also service the vehicles to eliminate chances of misfortunes to take place.

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