Last-Mile Delivery Services you can Count on


Last-Mile Delivery Services you can Count on

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Get personalized and reliable last mile deliveries within a 150-mile radius of South Florida, committed to highly flexible and efficient service we can provide airport transfer, local pickup and delivery, and Amazon FBA Delivery. Using Truck Hub, make larger strides towards completely optimizing the last-mile deliveries.

With LTL Hub as your trucking company of choice, you are guaranteed a single rate quote with no additional charges. Our rates are ‘all in’, which means the price quoted includes everything. No guesswork. No hidden fees. Guaranteed.

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We are also committed to offering our transportation services with “No Owner Operators.” Our equipment is company-owned and operated, providing our clients with the most efficient and reliable service without the pressure of managing drivers during offloads. All of our drivers are TSA Approved, HazMat Approved and have a minimum of 5 Years of trucking experience prior to their first day on the job.

Fully Equipped
Our equipment includes:
  • 110 power units
  • 53 ft trailer
  • Refrigerated trailers
  • 26 ft box trucks
  • 16 ft box trucks
  • Vans
  • Flat beds
  • Low boy
  • Land doll
  • RGN
Main Service Points:
  • Port of Miami

  • Port Everglades
  • Miami International Airport
  • Local Home Delivery South Florida
  • FBA Approved
  • B2B Delivery
  • Cruise Ship Deliveries

LTL Hub Advantages:
  • Proof of Delivery in Real-time via email
  • Live Tracking via TruckHub
  • Automated Delivery Orders
  • Online Visibility
  • GPS Tracking on 100% of our Equipment.
  • Macropoint Solutions

All of our last mile deliveries are personalized and committed to highly flexible and efficient service.


All of our drivers have a minimum of 5 years of trucking experience to ensure the most reliable service.


At LTL Hub our clients know that our last mile delivery solutions are all done in-house, if we don’t do it in-house we don’t do it at all. We have strategically combined asset-based solutions with blended brokerage solutions, allowing us to provide a high level of service, that our competitors do not come close to.

Powered by Freight Hub, the LTL Hub journey begins with your shipment and then through our staff to the LTL Hub transit. From point A to point B LTL Hubis there every step of the way.

LTLHub, Powered by FreightHub


Through our on-demand proprietary technology, LTL Hub offers cost-effective & eco-friendly solutions; we extend these savings directly to our clients. We value and utilize both quality team members and technology to make sure your LTL needs are met. That mission begins with Truck Hub.

Truck Hub is our in-house developed TMS that connects shippers, dispatchers, and drivers all on one easy to use platform. It offers live tracking and an automated notification system to keep you posted every step of the way. To learn more about what Truck Hub can do click here.

Tech-Enabled LTL Deliveries


Our office setting isn’t your typical trucking company feel. Our team is young, innovative, and tech-enabled. They’re just one phone call or email away if you ever need to get into contact. Any questions or concerns over your LTL shipment will be easily answered and handled by our team.

Moving freight is easy, but moving freight with technology and visibility is how we are trying to push the envelope forward. Work with us and you will see a major difference in how things are done.

LTLHub, Not your average LTL service


Art Basel Setup

As a one-shop-stop, LTL Hub can support your Art Basel event or venue with storage, transportation & installation.

Refrigerated Trucking

With LTLHub get used to flexibility, consistency, and unbeatable prices for refrigerated truckload services across the entire USA except Hawaii and AK.

Small Parcel

We have options for you, assuring that coordination and details will be taken care of every time.

Trade Show Logistics

LTL Hub can support your trade show logistics with transportation & installation.

Yard Storage

5-Acre Yard Storage Space In South Florida. You can trust our containers to safely and securely store your goods and equipment.

Last-Mile Delivery

Highly effective and efficient Last Mile Delivery Services in Miami, FL and for the entire state of Florida.

Event Logistics

LTL Hub can support your event with transportation, installation & assembly.

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