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Your Art Basel Venue,Your Way

With over a decade of dedicated event-related logistics, our services have been tailored to meet the specific demands of the art & fashion industry. We have a dedicated event logistics team; they are able to assist with storage, transportation, and set-up. This frees time and concerns with compliance for many art basel venue artists.

LTL Hub’s team focuses on utilizing our company owned assets, technology-enabled solutions for cost-effective and eco-friendly services, and taking the time to listen to your needs and specific requirements in order to make your venue an absolute success.



Our location was strategically placed to provide real-time support and with our tech. enabled solutions, LTL Hub can provide the 3PL expertise you need.

With quick access to the Port of Miami and Everglades as well as Miami International Airport, our team is able to quickly and effectively meet last minute notifications or requests.

Our main tech. enabled 100,000 sq ft warehouse is securely accessible 24/7. With TSA compliant staff, hazmat capabilities- such as dry ice services, and flexible floor space, our warehouse can meet any requested project specification.

To learn more about our services and capabilities, please fill out the adjacent form. One of our experienced team members will review your message and will quickly reach out to you.

By providing both on-demand services and real-time customer service, LTL Hub disrupts the 3PL norm. For more information, check out our transportation, warehouse, and asset-based services.


Art Basel Setup

As a one-shop-stop, LTL Hub can support your Art Basel event or venue with storage, transportation & installation.

Refrigerated Trucking

With LTLHub get used to flexibility, consistency, and unbeatable prices for refrigerated truckload services across the entire USA except Hawaii and AK.

Small Parcel

We have options for you, assuring that coordination and details will be taken care of every time.

Trade Show Logistics

LTL Hub can support your trade show logistics with transportation & installation.

Yard Storage

5-Acre Yard Storage Space In South Florida. You can trust our containers to safely and securely store your goods and equipment.

Last-Mile Delivery

Highly effective and efficient Last Mile Delivery Services in Miami, FL and for the entire state of Florida.

Event Logistics

LTL Hub can support your event with transportation, installation & assembly.

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