Tech-Enabled LTL Miami | Port of Miami & Everglades

Take control of your freight with an Asset-Based Trucking Carrier that can assure you transparency from the port to your destination nationwide.


Tech-Enabled LTL Miami | Port of Miami & Everglades

Take control of your freight with an Asset-Based Trucking Carrier that can assure you transparency from the port to your destination nationwide.

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Our Timeline

Never forgetting where we started and eagerly looking towards the future… we invite you to join our story.

Humble Beginnings…

Since our initial start as a mobile-focused hazmat service, the beautiful South Florida environment has provided a challenging, yet nurturing environment to successfully operate and scale. Meeting your third-party logistics allowed us to learn even more- providing additional ROI.

With sincere customer service, continual successful project completions and support from the neighboring communities, we invested even more in order to expand our 3PL services.


Data-Proven Model

Cross-connected and sync’d with our databases, all our operations are stored for further analysis. This adds an additional element to both our and our client’s operations. Our services, employees and connections have been validated by our customers and by independently analyzed data.

Successfully moving further on and growing with scale.

Last Mile Delivery


Scaling with growth was a pressing concern for the entire team, as providing quality 3PL services continues to be our primary goal. Through our experiences and examined case studies, we know the industry doesn’t wait- cargo shippers, truck drivers, port managers, warehouse receivers. Tapping into the advantages of cross-training our LTL staff, members of the team focus on helping our customers while another set of employees are:

  • Ensuring company-owned assets are 100% functional & compliant
  • Organizing and ensuring LTL transportation safety
  • Training and learning new 3PL related methodologies
  • Examining new response technology
  • Automating and optimizing workflows

Our constant attention will always be finding ROI driven 3PL solutions for our clients; we firmly believe in complementing our strategic growth with yours.

LTL Trucks at Cross Dock

Fortify customer technology

Investing and utilizing technology allows us to minimize our operational overhead, passing a number of unique advantages both to our organization and to our customers. Appreciating this factor, senior management ensures each member of the team is empowered with responsive technology, passing additional strengths to customers. Speak with a live, USA-based staff member, who enjoys what they do for a living. Our passion is reflected by how our ambitious team utilizes innovative technology to better assist our nationwide customers.

Small Parcel deliveries

Proprietary software development

Through the expertise gain within the industry, many of our staff members noticed large, unforgiving gaps across the 3PL network. The team came together and mapped out digital solutions to conquer these barriers; investing in independent systems, such as Magaya, and introducing our own platforms, allows us to provide new, unique solutions.

Forklift Warehouse

Recognized growth

While we all strive for formal recognition and sought after awards, the team at LTLHub come to work out of passion and the curiosity to learn more. Examining ourselves and how we choose to operate says a lot and we do not take that lightly. With this in mind, we invest heavily in our team- to ensure both high work performance and happiness- in order to deliver more than just cargo. Inc. 5000 awarded one of our merging organizations for being one of the fastest growing companies in the United States- awards like these are not by accident and inspires us all at LTLHub to grow even more.


Merging for the future

Changing and adapting is mandatory to survive and grow in the competitive 3PL industry. Appreciating this concept and continuing our notion of being a step ahead of trends, we look to combine our reach with premiere networks and companies to provide new outlets of support. With this in mind, LTLHub, powered by our parent company, FreightHub, was born. Ultimately, this inception was made possible thanks to the support of the 3PL community and our loyal customers.

We look forward to creating new memories and milestones while continuously provide the best experience possible.

Meet our Family

Powered by Freight Hub, LTL Hub is a proud member of the Hub Family. We are a full-service, asset-based, tech-enchanced family of 3PL’s that cover the entirety of the 3PL spectrum. Click on each member of the Hub Family below to learn more!


Full Scope 3PL Asset-Based Provider


Nationwide 3PL Transportation


Less Than Truckload Deliveries


3PL Warehousing & Storage


3PL Container Drayage Services

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Happy Customers

Our Passion for what we do is
rendered in our Services

Tech-Enabled 3PL

A distinctive difference between us and the competition is our operating technology. Each digital solution is strategically used to provide faster and more accurate processing. Truck Hub, our transportation management system (TMS), organizes all of our LTL operations, providing a digital space to offer on-demand data.

Digital Cloud Capabilities

The Cloud gives the team the ability to store and secure access information, such as proof of delivery documents, and quickly send them to approved parties. No confusion on where documents are and secured with custom software.

Certified LTL Staff

Receiving and maintaining both company and independently licensed certifications will always be required for each and every member of our team. Dedicating ourselves to this level of operational validation ensures ideal project completion. Speak with one of our employees today to learn more.

Data-Proven Model

Independent reviewed and assessed, our core business model has been validated. Peers, partners, connections and the nurturing USA economy has given us the green light to continue moving forward.

Responsive Support

Another advantage of investing in technology is the ability to respond quickly and effectively. Our transporation management system, Truck Hub, enables all members of the 3PL process to communicate with each other and customers within a moment’s notice. No lapse in updates, no drop in coverage.

Operations Optimization

Delays and backlogs aren’t possible in a fast-moving industry- professionals in 3PL transportation, warehousing, and value-added services don’t wait for anything, and neither do we. From the top-down, each team member strives to quickly and effectively complete projects.

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